New Archaeological and Archaeological Science Research at the Shang Period Site of Taijiasi, Middle Huai River Valley, Anhui, China


Tuesday, April 16, 2019, 2:00pm to 5:00pm


Room 203, Tozzer Anthropology Building, 21 Divinity Avenue

The Harvard Asian Archaeology Seminar invites you to a workshop organized by Xiaolin HE (Wuhan University) and Rowan FLAD (Harvard University)



2:00   Rowan Flad: Introduction

2:10    Xiaolin He“Excavations of Taijiasi”

2:20    Zhenzhen Zhao“Viewpoints on archaeobotany of Taijiasi” (read on behalf by Xiaolin He)

2:30   Xuezhu Liao“Several Types of Human Bone Burial in the Shang Dynasty”
2:50   Jada Ko“The Social and Political Significance of Turtles at Taijiasi”
3:10   Siran Liu“The Shang Period Bronze Production at Taijiasi: From the Perspective of Production Remains Analysis”
3:50   Robert Murowchick (Boston University)
4:00   Roderick Campbell (New York University)
4:10   Sarah Allan (Dartmouth College)
4:20   Open Discussion