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The Standing Committee on Archaeology is a multidisciplinary group of scholars appointed to promote the teaching of archaeology at Harvard and advance knowledge of archaeological activity, research, fieldwork, and techniques in the many and varied fields where archaeology is employed as an approach to past cultures and histories around the world. Archaeology can be seen as the study of past human societies through the recovery, analysis, and interpretation of material remains. Those who practice archaeology employ a wide range of methods, techniques, and theoretical orientations drawn from across the spectrum of academic disciplines to further their specific intellectual goals. Likewise, scholars of many disciplines who do not consider themselves to be practicing archaeologists nevertheless use the results of archaeological work in their teaching and research. Our members and students work with and in a wide range of the museums and departments on Harvard's campus.

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Fourth Issue of SCA Newsletter Published - In Situ Fall 2017

February 18, 2018
The fourth issue of In Situ, a newsletter detailing the activities of the SCA and its members across Harvard in the summer and fall of 2017, is now available for download. This issue features a collection of short pieces by an archaeology graduate student involved in the San Diego de la Congregación Mission Excavation Project and an archaeology concentrator who participated in the San José de Moro Field SchoolRead more about Fourth Issue of SCA Newsletter Published - In Situ Fall 2017


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